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Obo & Nanna with Groovetown Market features top Vancouver musicians who add a touch of the groovy side of life to family friendly music while journeying through a wide range of fun and  interesting genres. Along with their awesome toe-tapping originals, they love putting a new slant on old favourites and old slants on current faves! 

Phil Belanger is kept busy playing drums and percussion for just about every genre of music around, including performances with the Vancouver Symphony and Opera Orchestras, the Arts Club Theatre, CBC Radio, and countless rock, jazz, Latin, and R + B outfits. He is currently the regular drummer with the Vancouver Men’s Chorus and the City Soul Gospel Choir. Phil is a graduate of the UBC Music School.

Brent Gubbels has been a Vancouver based professional musician and teacher for nearly twenty years. He has toured North America and Europe extensively and played a variety of international jazz and folk festivals. Brent can be heard on recordings by Oscar Lopez, Gypsalero, Juno nominees Susan Crowe and Compadres, Juno winner James Keelaghan, and others.

Jaye Krebs (Obo) has been a professional musician for over 40 years and majored in jazz piano and percussion at MacEwan University in Edmonton.

As musical director, Jaye has toured with the Arts Club Theatre across Canada and performed in numerous theatre shows in the Lower Mainland. As a pianist and vibraphonist, he has appeared on stage in music festivals across Western Canada.

Jaye is also a visual effects artist in the film industry creating visual effects for numerous blockbuster movies seen around the world.

In addition, he’s in the midst of creating his fourth children’s picture book, each of which has an accompanying song and included sheet music.   

Groovetown Market

Leora Cashe (Nanna) is a deeply soulful singer whose music excites audiences, fills the heart and lifts the spirit.

A graduate of the MacEwan University jazz program, this well-loved dynamic singer has released four CDs and her debut recording,“Tears of Joy”, received a West Coast Music Awards nomination.

Leora has also appeared in numerous Canadian theatre productions, including the Jessie Award-nominated “She Loves Me”.

As a Gymboree teacher, then as a teacher at the prestigious Music House for Children in the UK, and now as a Music for Young Children teacher,  Leora has been sharing her joy of music with children for over twenty years! She has started hundreds of new friends down the happy road of music learning.